Do you ever think about hiring a Coach?

The fact or the matter is most don’t, however when asked, many respond with, I need one, I have had colleagues experience great success. The good news is if you want to create positive change and get different results in your work, your career, time management skills, or simply understand the people you spend the most time with. Then working with Brian Anderson can be the very vehicle you need to make the positive change and get different results. 

Brian Anderson is a Registered Corporate Coach and a member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, the only international professional business coaching association with advanced membership admission and renewal standards. Membership is selective, based on business experience, coaching experience, and references.

Brian Anderson can equip you with new tools and insights into your personality and behavior that you may or may not know exist. Brian uses DiSC system tools to provide the best coaching for his clients. Brian’s main role in the coaching process is to listen, learn and together with you craft an action plan that will move you or your team forward. The process gathers, connects, strategizes, focuses and assesses, which results in measure, the key in maintaining accountability. We will also develop SMART goals.

Coaching Fees
Brian Anderson provides coaching on a retained or hourly basis. For a retainer coaching engagement we will have several exploratory conversations prior to setting fees. For hourly or short term assignments the fee is $125 per hour with a four hour minimum commitment. Brian Anderson believes that under-promising and over-delivering is the only way to meet and exceed his clients’ expectations. Brian also wants to maintain you as a client and create raving fans, which doesn’t happen unless you get results.

Trying to make a key hire?

Want to have your top candidates interviewed by a professional interviewer? Most recruiters, conduct phone screens and then hand candidates to clients for them to go through the sorting process. Brian himself conducts thorough phone screens, and then the selected candidates get live, one-on-one selection interviews with him using the Bell methodology process. When the final candidates get to you, you're getting the very best, so you can make the best selection.

BA Search Group provides executive search services on a retained or contingency basis depending upon the level of position, urgency, attention or focus required.

Retained Search
After an agreed percentage to start the search (general range 18-25%), an advance fee of one-third (estimated) of the candidate’s first year salary to be invoiced upon execution of agreement. A presentation fee of one-third to be invoiced to BA Search Group upon submitting a short list of mutually acceptable and qualified candidates. A closing fee of one-third plus any pre-approved expenses, to be invoiced upon the acceptance offer of a candidate submitted by BA Search Group.

Contingent Search
Whether you are looking for that veritable professional "needle in a haystack" or just need to augment your own recruitment efforts with a dedicated team at your service BA Search Group provides contingent search when appropriate with company HR departments or other consultants to maximize the market.

BA Search Group will conduct, without cost or condition, a replacement search, should any individual placed by BA Search Group be terminated within the first 90 days from start date for retained search projects. A 60 day guarantee replacement for contingent search projects.

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