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"Discover your Strengths"


Brian Anderson hires achievers. If your organization needs an executive with extensive experience in the selection and recruitment of personnel, you need to talk with Brian. The combined expertise of selection, interviewing, recruiting and matching talent to positions has been Brian Anderson's passion and vocation for over two decades. Brian understands that in a true win-win, a candidate's natural talents align, match and seamlessly fit with the work and skill set needed by an organization. He understands that an organization can't improve unless its people do.

The search process: I will identify highly qualified candidates with backgrounds that match your specific requirements. We will develop a research strategy focusing on your objectives for the assignment and the role each of us will play. A realistic time frame will be established to complete the project. I will work with you to develop a detailed job description, including salary, benefits, career path and other selling points including a positive profile of your company. Working closely with you, and based on your specific needs, we will create a detailed candidate selection profile not included in the resume. Revealing past successes, goal-orientation, analytical ability and how candidates handle specific professional situations will help disqualify inappropriate candidates and you will interview only achievers.