Please review the questions below; if any peak your interest, let’s set a time for a brief phone introduction. I hope these questions cause you to reflect, review and evaluate your current and future human capital strategies.

Are you satisfied with your current team?

Do you have a talent mindset at all levels within your company?

Are you satisfied with the assessment tools you are currently using?

Do you have a training program that meets and exceeds your expectations?

Do you have effective coaching in place for your team to remove and reduce obstacles for improved morale and productivity?

Do you have a coach that can add value to your leadership?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, then Brian Anderson is a solution for your organization.

Selecting great people is one of the top five leadership actions a company must take to produce great results.

Executives often rely on coaches to help them drive change management throughout their organizations. Brian Anderson uses assessment solutions to help clients make better-informed decisions in the areas of employee selection, development, placement, leadership, coaching and even stress management.

Why retain a coach? Leaders hire coaches for performance correction or performance development, both of which influence the cost, time, and energy an organization should be willing to invest.

Point to Ponder; Very few people achieve positive, lasting change without ongoing follow-up.

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